Natural Lemon cream cleaner

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Our refillable lemon cream cleaner with Savon Noir is the perfect natural cleaner for all areas that require a gentle scouring action; it is gentle and safe to use, cleans and smells great too.



Why we love this Natural Lemon cream cleaner

This natural Lemon cream cleaner is ideal to use throughout the home. It will safely lift and clean dirt and grease without scratching and damaging your surfaces from cooker to copper, leaving everything shiny and clean.

How our Natural Lemon cream cleaner works


Savon Noir has been used for centuries and our Savon Noir is handcrafted in Sussex from locally sourced linseed oil.

Savon Noir is a highly concentrated and efficient soap that acts as a surfactant that cleans by changing the surface tension, lifting and dissolving dirt and grease.

Being an entirely natural product, it is perfectly respectful of the environment. Furthermore Savon Noir is a very concentrated product and therefore very economical compared to other cleaning products.

Made from our traditionally prepared Savon Noir with Blanc de Meudon fine chalk.

Lemon essential oil is a natural antiseptic, an antibacterial and antiviral, a veritable powerhouse of cleaning.

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Shake well and squeeze onto the surface and wipe with a humid cloth and rinse clean.


Tiles, stainless steel, chrome, copper, silver, plastics, glass, cooker tops, and ovens

AVAILABLE IN:   80g concentrated sachets, 250ml,  5 litres, and refills.


  • <30% Savon noir Linseed Oil Soap Sodium Linseedate
  • Distilled water – aqua
  • Blanc de Meudon  Calcium Carbonate
  • <1% Lemon –Citrus limonus essential oils
  • Sea salt – Sodium Chloride

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80g concentrate sachet, 250ml, 5 litres

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  1. Laura

    Another 5* rating from me. My bathroom looks and smells great after using this product. Highly recommend the Eco-vie cleaning range!

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